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Nily Zuckerman was born in Kibbutz Hulda on December 25th, 1939, a few months after Amos’s birth in Jerusalem. Destiny eventually brought them together and they were married in Hulda on April 5th, 1960. They spent some 60 years together and raised three children.


When talking about the absolute necessity for compromise in order for there to be peace in the Middle East, Amos, with his inimitable sense of humour, could often be heard to add: “Believe me, I know what I’m talking about after having been married to the same woman for so many years!!!”


Nily’s great passion has always been music. She plays the recorder and prides herself in knowing thousands of old Hebrew folksongs by heart. When talking to me on the phone, Amos would often refer to her as his “songbird.”


Nily was always the very first person to read what Amos wrote.


In 2022, Nily published a beautifully touching book about her life with Amos entitled “My Amos.”

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